The Bohemian Style Handbags of Ooh La Luxe

I recently stumbled upon this beautiful brand and I was looking for unique handbags on the google. But before I lead into their bohemian hippie bags, I want to talk about who Ooh La Luxe is and their story.

The company is run by two awesome and fashion-forward twins Cristina and Michelle Wilson.  Their entire business including the creation and designing of their fashion collections are made in Santa Rosa, CA.  In a nutshell, they create fashion pieces that empowers women to be strong while beautiful with a feminism touch.  Their brand definitely sell this ideology well.  They achieve this through the use of vibrant colors, toppled with rustic feeling of the old western America.

Ooh La Luxe bags are not super colorful, but can easily be paired with anything. They feature a lot of faux leather, straw, and snakeskin bags. I know fringe is not for everyone, but when I’m feeling a little cow-girlish, I love to pair my boots with a western leather fringed purse to really pull off my rock yeehaw look. Ooh La Luxe feature a lot of fringe bags but of all of them, my absolute favorite one is the Madeline bag .

Madeline Bag by Ooh La Luxe  – Price: $48

This boho sling crossbody bag has everything; its versatile – basically meaning its good for evening wear as well as regular, get “up and go” task too.  It has a beautiful rustic color in corporate into its faux leather and is very spacious.  Essentially, I would refer to this bag as a carry all bag.   The bag is fun and light, but best of all, its super affordable.  This Madeline bag by Ooh La Luxe is currently priced at $48 dollars as of the writing of this post.

Other Notable Oooh La Luxe Handbags

Circle Snake Bag – Price: $48.00
Moana Bag – Price $68.00
Idalia Purse – Price: $38.00

Speaking of pricing Ooh La Luxe handbags are completely affordable. None of their bags ever exceed $100. They also sell other items other than handbags. You can complete an entire Californian look from a single store.

As a final note to Ooh La Luxe, I really love this brand, I can’t wait to see what their fall collections is going to look like. Give them a try for yourself. Here is a $5 off ANYTHING on purchase with Ooh La Luxe.

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Disclaimer: We are affiliate with Ooh La Luxe.  The offered review of this bag was done completely independent of Ooh La Luxe.  The bag given away was purchased from the company by foxytotes.

Sara Stone
I am a Mother of two and really really love Handbags.