Hermes Evelyne Bag List Guide

The Hermes Evelyne Bag is the ultimate crossbody shoulder bag.  This bag features the iconic Hermes “H” in the front.  Currently, there are three versions in circulation.  It’s not as world-renowned as the Birkin or Kelly, but the Evelyne bag is simple and functional with a point of view.  The PM is considered to be the perfect size for this style as it is not too bag, just perfect.


Essentially, it is meant to be treated as if it is your every day, carry-all crossbody bag.

The Evelyne I (1st generation) – Has no external pockets

The Evelyne II (2nd generation) – Has one external pocket

The Evelyne III (3rd generation) – Has an external pocket and an adjustable canvas strap


The Hermes Evelyne bag comes in four sizes and many color combinations. Not all sizes and colors are available.  

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Hermes Evelyne III 16 (TPM) 6.7″ x 7″ x 2″
Hermes Evelyne III 29 (PM) 11.25″ x 12″ x 2 ½”
Hermes Evelyne III 33 (GM) 12” x 13” x 3”
Hermes Evelyne III 40 (TGM) 16″ x 16.5″ x 4″

The Evelyne TPM has been discontinued as of 2019.  Making the Evelyne PM bag the smallest size available.  If you are still seeking this size of the Hermes Evelyne you can get it online here.


This bag is also available in two types of leather, Epsom or Clemence.  As an added benefit, the Epsom and Clemence leather types are considered the best against damage and noticeable wear.

Why Choose a Hermes Evelyne Crossbody Bag

  • Ease of travel – This isn’t your typical Birkin or Kelly, isn’t too bulky and can easily throw your essential in as you travel to your next destination.
  • Perfect starter bag – Super affordable as compare to other Hermes bags.
  • Sporty while elegant – It’s durable and flexible with external pockets and reliant for anything.
  • Accessible & casual – perfect for a dinner date or work bag, has a simple but functional design and look.  Plus that “H” is unmistakable.



Price in USD

Hermes Evelyne III 16 TPM $1,600
Hermes Evelyne III 29 PM $3,300
Hermes Evelyne III 33 GM $3,725
Hermes Evelyne III 40 TGM $4,500

The Hermes Evelyne bags have been discontinued as of the 2019 season. 

Though Hermes is making them any more there are still tons of verified resellers such as Fashionphiles who have beautiful bags ready to be yours.