Hermès Birkin Bag Price List Guide

birkin bag hermes price list

The Hermes Birkin bag is considered one of the world’s most elusive handbags.  The way this French Company keeps its brand high is essential through solemn secrecy. This included everything from the way a person would get on in a particular color and leather to what particular size or hardware types are used at a given period of time.  The most mysterious thing about the Hermes Birkin is its pricing structure.

Overall we have found that many things contribute to Birkin prices.  First of all, we have discovered that Hermes Birkin bag pricing varies amongst the leather offerings, even before the company looks at exotics types.

There is also a lot of variation in the international markets of Birkin bags.  Currency and locations are factors that greatly affect what you pay, it is extremely important to take note of especially for the brand’s super high-end clientele.

The Hermes company frequently updates its pricing, making it especially important to know that last year’s pricing may not be what the bags are priced for today.

Pop culture plays its part in the inflation of the Hermes Birkin bags.  With A-list celebrities and media outlets boast about how much this elite status handbag costs, largely to draw attention and readership looking to discover some insight into the wealthy lifestyle.  The bag is perceived to have an extreme price tag but it is somewhat realistic pricing.

For example, I recently came across an article from Fortune that claimed a Hermes Birkin bag which is priced at $223,000 was a good investment.  I’m still trying to figure out who this would be a great investment for at any time.

If you are looking for a small bag? The Hermes Constance bag is likely a better choice.  This bag comes in five different styles and a host of colors.  It is substantially cheaper than the Birken 25 but is somewhat comparable in size.  I think most people would love the Constance as an additional style in the Hermes collection.

As a mission to Foxytotes, we set out to create an accurate Hermes Birkin price list for three of the most common leather Clemence, Togo, and Epsom in the United States.  Just a side note,  we will be updating this post regularly to add additional markets such as Eurozone Europe, the United Kingdom, Japan, and a few others.

United States Hermes Birkin Bag Prices

Hermes Birkin Bag Price List

Handbag Style

New Price

Old Price

Increased By

Hermes Epsom Sellier Kelly 28 Bag $10,700.00 $10,400.00 2.9%
Hermes Togo Retourne Kelly 25 Bag $9,350.00 $8,400.00 11.3%
Hermes Togo Birkin 25 Bag $9,850.00 $9,400.00 4.80%
Hermes Epsom Constance 24 Bag $10,300.00 $9,650.00 6.7%
Hermes Alligator Medor 23 Clutch Bag $22,900.00 $20,600.00 11.2%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Evelyne III GM Bag $3,825.00 $3,750.00 2%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 30 Bag $8,200.00 $7,800.00 5.1%
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 34 Bag $8,700.00 $8,250.00 5.5%
Hermes Negonda Calfskin Garden Party 36 Bag $3,750.00 $3,675.00 2%
Hermes Halzan Mini Bag $4,825.00 $4,600.00 4.9%
Hermes Toolbox 26 Bag $8,800.00 $8,650.00 1.7%

Hermès Birkin Bag Sizes

The Hermès Birkins bags include the size in their name.  By remembering its name, you will always know which size is which.  Side note, the size is in centimeters and refers to the length of the bag.  We have converted to inches below.

Birkin Size Dimensions (CM) Dimensions (IN)
Birkin 25 25 cm x 20 cm x 13 cm 9.8in X 7.8in X 5.11in
Birkin 30 30 cm x 22 cm x 16 cm 11.8in X 8.6in X 6.3in
Birkin 35 35 cm x 25 cm x 18 cm 13.7in X 9.8in X 7in
Birkin 40 40 cm x 30 cm x 21 cm 15.7in X 11.8in X 8.26in

Birkin 25

Hermes Togo Kelly 32 Bag TBD
Hermes Epsom Sellier Kelly 28 Bag $10,700.00 (USD)
Hermes Box Sellier Kelly 28 Bag $12,500.00 (USD)
Hermes Togo Retourne Kelly 25 Bag $9,350.00 (USD)
Hermes Epsom Kelly Mini Bag TBD
Hermes Kelly Epsom Long Wallet $3,650.00 (USD)
Hermes So Kelly 22 Bag TBD
Hermes Leather Garden Party Medium Bag $3,750
Hermes Canvas Garden Party Small Bag $3,550
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 30 Bag $8,200
Hermes Taurillon Clemence Lindy 34 Bag $8,700

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