Welcome to the Chloe bag price guide as of January 2020. The Price List below includes Chloe Classic bags styles and sizes.  We will be adding future styles and they are introduced in the coming months.

The guide and prices below are meant to serve as a starting point.  Price and style can change based on country, customs duties and applicable taxes.

Chloe Suede Calfskin Marcie Bag$2,350
Chloe Smooth Calfskin Marcie Bag$2,395
Chloe Small Grain Calfskin Marcie Bag$1,990
Chloe Marcie Shoulder Bag$1,490
Chloe Suede Calfskin Mini Marcie Bag$990
Chloe Small Grain Mini Marcie Bag$890
Chloe Suede and Smooth Calfskin Drew Bag$1,950
Chloe Small Grain Lambskin Drew Bag$1,850
Chloe Suede and Smooth Calfskin Mini Drew Bag$1,750
Chloe Small Grain Lambskin Mini Drew Bag$1,650
Chloe Grained and Smooth Calfskin Nano Drew Bag$1,250
Chloe Faye Backpack Bag$1,990
Chloe Small Faye Backpack Bag$1,850
Chloe Mini Faye Backpack Bag$1,490
Chloe Smooth and Suede Calfskin Faye Shoulder Bag$1,950
Chloe Smooth and Suede Calfskin Faye Small Shoulder Bag$1,390
Chloe Smooth and Suede Calfskin Faye Wallet on Strap Bag$795

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