The Céline bag price list guide below, I believe shows clear indications of which Céline bags will or have been discontinued and which are fully thriving.

We have covered the prices of important continents like the United States, Europe, and Asia. We have included nearly all the information you will need to make a great decision on your next Céline classic style handbag.

All the prices below are in United States dollar (USD) currency.

Summer Collection

Current Price
Céline Medium 16 Bag$4,550.00 
Céline Lizard Small 16 Bag$7,500.00
Céline Quilted Calfskin Medium C Bag$3,300.00 
Céline Shiny Calfskin Medium C Bag$3,300.00 
Céline  Shiny Calfskin Medium Triomphe Bag$3,850.00 
Céline Quilted Calfskin Small C Charm Bag$1,300.00 

Céline Luggage Style

Current Price

Céline Natural Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag$3,650.00
Céline Drummed Calfskin Mini Luggage Bag$3,100.00
Céline Bullhide Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag$3,350.00
Céline Baby Grained Calfskin Micro Luggage Bag$2,900.00
Céline Shiny Smooth Calfskin Nano Luggage Bag$2,900.00
Céline Baby Drummed Calfskin Nano Luggage Bag$2,700.00
Céline Natural Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag$4,050.00
Céline Baby Grained Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag$3,400.00
Céline Supple Calfskin Medium Luggage Phantom Bag$3,100.00

Céline Trapeze Style

Current Price

Céline Bullhide Calfskin Small Trapeze Bag$2,700.00
Céline Baby Grained Calfskin Small Trapeze Bag$2,700.00

Céline Classic Box Style

Current Price

Céline Medium Classic Box Bag$4,350.00
Céline Small Classic Box Bag$3,250.00

Céline Belt Style

Current Price

Céline Grained Calfskin Mini Belt Bag$2,500.00
Céline Smooth Calfskin Micro Belt Bag$2,650.00
Céline Grained Calfskin Micro Belt Bag$2,250.00

Céline Cabas Style

Current Price

Céline Smooth Calfskin Small Cabas Phantom Bag$2,100.00
Céline Soft Grained Calfskin Small Cabas Phantom Bag$1,700.00
Céline Horizontal Cabas Bag$1,300.00
Céline Small Cabas Bag$1,300.00

Céline Trio Style

Current Price

Céline Smooth Lambskin Trio Bag$1,100.00
Céline Smooth Lambskin Large Trio Bag$1,250.00
Céline Shiny Textured Calfskin Trio Bag$1,150.00

Céline Trotteur Style

Current Price

Céline Natural Calfskin Medium Trotteur Bag$2,950.00
Céline Grained Calfskin Compact Trotteur Bag$2,200.00
Céline Shiny Textured Calfskin Small Trotteur Bag$2,100.00
Céline Grained Calfskin Small Trotteur Bag$1,850.00

Céline Sangle Style

Current Price

Céline Natural Calfskin Sangle Shoulder Bag$2,900.00
Céline Shiny Smooth Calfskin Sangle Shoulder Bag$2,400.00
Céline Soft Grained Calfskin Sangle Shoulder Bag$2,400.00
Céline Soft Grained Calfskin Small Sangle Shoulder Bag$2,000.00

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