Immediately warn you: in this article we are talking about the dark side of the Internet. Dark it is because people feel freedom and impunity there and therefore tend to commit crimes. A shame to make crimes is ashamed, and the thief should be in prison. But to business. It is believed that there are three types of internet and darknetpages: Visible Internet. Here we go every day. These are ordinary sites: social networks, search engines, forums and code "Code". All of them are in the segment of the visible Internet. Any information you need can be found by keywords, because almost all sites are indexed by search robots. Depth internet. These are those sites whose contents are not included in the search issuance: this is a huge world of sites for employees, closed databases and other service pages. Technically, they can be accessed over the Internet, but for this you need to know the login and password. They have nothing illegal, but it is impossible to get there without special access. Darknet. Hidden network inside the Internet, which is not visible in conventional ways. It works on the same principles as the Tor network, it is possible to get into it only through Tor. This network was specially created hidden and anonymous so that no one could establish censorship or limit the activities of the participants. The meaning of the Darcnet is in anonymity, but the network itself does not guarantee anonymity automatically. To observe it, the TOR is not enough. A person can leave some information about himself on the forum who can reveal his true personality, or download the Troyan, who will follow him. In this regard, it darkets exactly the same as the usual Internet - the more you are posting the data about yourself, the easier it is to calculate you. .