Best 8 Black Gucci Messenger Bags

Naturally like any other fashion forward woman, a sleek Gucci bag is always and forever going to be my main go-to.  As this will be my go-to and Black is the everything color (it goes with virtually anything), I wanted to showcase some of the best black Gucci Messenger bags. 

Every Gucci fan should have at least one, maybe three of these bags in their closet. For a luxury bags, Gucci is considered quite affordable.  This is based on the amount of bag you get per the size.  Unlike other a Chanel bag, that would be consider far more expensive.  Anyways, below is the list of top Black Gucci Messenger Bags:

Gucci GG Plush Monogram Medium Messenger Bag ($550)

Gucci Microguccissima Mini Bree Messenger Bag ($980)

Gucci Nylon Monogram Messenger Bag

Gucci Monogram Messenger Bag ($395)

Gucci Calfskin Matelasse GG Marmont Messenger Bag ($1,350)

Gucci Imprime Monogram Medium Messenger Bag ($990)

Gucci GG Supreme Monogram Small Messenger Bag ($850)

Gucci Canvas Embroidered Tiger Messenger Bag ($895)

These are some of my favorite Gucci bags. Be sure to check out the Gucci pricing guide to get a solid ideal what you should be paying – or not paying for a Gucci bag.