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Author: Sara Stone


Beyoncé’s Top 5 Favorite Handbags 

Simply put, Beyoncé is as successful as it gets in the music industry. Known by simply one name, it’s safe to say that Beyoncé has transcended the limits of the music industry in an impressive fashion. Speaking of fashion, she has also established herself as…


Most Expensive Handbags to Date 

It’s no secret that women love their handbags, but the real question is, to what end?  These bags are not cheap and many women spend really good money on them.  Some of these handbags are so expensive, they get their own seat at dinner. Below…

Best affordable luxury handbags

Best Affordable Luxury Handbags 

Having a designer handbag can make any women feel like she is on top of the world. Sometime, we all can splurge on a $5,000 handbag just because we can.  This is why I’ve gathered together some of the most affordable handbags offered across some…

birkin bag hermes price list

Hermès Birkin Bag Price List Guide 

The Hermes Birkin bag is considered to be one of the most elusive handbags in the world.  The way this French Company keeps its brand high is essential though solemn secrecy. This included everything from the way a person would get on in a particular…